Danger And Benefits of Coffee for Health

Including coffee drinks favored by men and women. It is said that beverages can reduce the sleepiness is quite common in Indonesian society.In fact, coffee outlets are mushrooming in differentcorners of the city, until at the supermarket.
Caffeine works in the body by taking over theadenosine receptors in nerve cells that will spur theproduction of adrenal hormones.

In the coffee contained caffeine, which is analkaloid chemical compound known astrimetilsantin with the molecular formulaC8H10N4O2. The amount of caffeine content in coffee is 1 to 1.5%, while the tea from 1 to 4.8%.
Benefits of Coffee
In medicine, caffeine is often used as a stimulant of the heart and increase urine production. In lowdoses of caffeine can serve as a generator of stamina and pain relievers.
Mechanism of action of caffeine in the body isrivaling the function of adenosine (one of thecompounds in the brain cells can make people fastasleep).

Where caffeine was not slow motion the body's cells, but the caffeine would reverse all the work of adenosine so that the body no longer sleepy, butemerged feeling refreshed, a little excited, his eyes wide open, the heart beat faster, blood pressurerises, muscles contract and liver will releaseglucose into the bloodstream which will form theextra energy.

That is why various types of plant stamina drinksgenerally contain caffeine as its main ingredient.
Coffee dangers
In addition to health benefits of coffee it also hasdisadvantages. One is the effect of dependence.
Drinking coffee may increase the risk of stroke. Astudy published in the journal of neurology, andpsychiatry in 2002 neurosurgry concluded that drinking more than 5 cups of coffee per dayincreases the risk of damage to the blood vessel wall.
Caffeine can also cause insomnia, nervous easily, headache, tense and irritable.
In pregnant women are also advised not to consume coffee and foods containing caffeine.This is because caffeine can increase heart rate. In the fetus can invade the placenta and enter thefetal blood circulation. The worst impact, cancause miscarriage.

10 Facts About Coffee
Berikut ada 10 fakta tentang minuman kopi
1. Caffeine can kill you
Especially if you're very avid coffee, namely drinking 80-100 cups of coffee a day. Sodo not try it.

2. Coffee can also be good for you
Studies prove that we can get antioxidants from coffee, just one or two cups of coffee a day is beneficial. If you do not like coffee, black tea can try.

3. caffeine can increase women's sex drive
This newly proven in mice. According to scientists, the coffee man can improve sexualexperiences but only in those without manic coffee.

4. Caffeine can reduce pain
Moderate doses of coffee, the equivalent of two cups of coffee, can relieve pain inmuscles after exercise, according to a small study. But again this only applies for those who are not addicted to coffee.

5. Caffeine can make us stay up
Who wants to create literacy night will be helped with the coffee. Who do not, you should drink coffee six hours before bedtime so that uninterrupted hours of rest.

6. Dekafein coffee also contains caffeine
Although the term dekafein, aka decaffeinated, coffee still contains caffeine. If we drink 10 cups of coffee dekafein, just the same as drinking one or two cups of caffeinecoffee.
7. Coffee dekafein using chemicals
To reduce caffeine levels in coffee dekafein, used a chemical called methylenechloride ..

8. Caffeine is not a part of that taste bitter
Many people think, the more bitter the taste of coffee, the more caffeine. No, becausecaffeine is not the bitter components.
9. Good coffee depends on the combustion and the compounding
If you want delicious flavored coffee, then the most decisive was the burning processand racikannya. During combustion, the oil stored in the coffee beans will come out.The more oil out, the stronger flavor of coffee. The emergence of the caffeine contentdepends on the length of the water at the bottom. Combustion also produces more andmore caffeine.
10. Coffee was discovered by a goat
One millennium ago, in the mountains of Africa, a herd of goats up all night after eatingthe red beans. The herders examine why it happened and found that the cause iscoffee. Since then people began to follow a cup of coffee.

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